Saturday, August 4, 2007

Le Fat Bastard and The Lady in Red

On our recent trip to Seattle to attend Molly's wedding, we visited on our first night in that fair city a little Italian bistro called "That's Amore!" They actually have warm evenings in Seattle, where in summer you can sit outside until late without those gas heaters that sear one side of the body while leaving the other side cold and actually not freeze to death. Imagine!

Our dinner was delightful and I'd recommend the place if you're in that town, but the highlight really was these two wines. The white is a chardonnay from France and is called Fat Bastard - of course, we had to order that - irresistible! It was a soft and fresh-tasting. I'm not an expert at wine descriptors - don't have enough palate nor enough snobbery - but it was delicious and My Beloved savored all but the few sips I cadged from his glass.

Mine was the Cabernet Sauvignon Lady in Red, a Washington State wine that was nicely mellow. I don't like grape juice but I do like red wine that is fruit forward and smooth - this one filled the bill.

So, next time you're in Seattle, (or perhaps you can find them here in San Francisco, although you'd need to seek out a heater for the evening), I can recommend dining with the Fat Bastard and the Lady in Red. Amusing little dinner companions for a warm summer evening.


Blogger Dagny said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Fat Bastard is available at BevMo.

Sunday, August 05, 2007  

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