Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Prize(s)

I've been meaning to show you the prize I decided to offer to the Evil Empress, the winner of my Ugly Food Photo contest this year, but I had to wait as I'm giving them to her at dinner this weekend and I didn't want her to see them before they are presented.

I was really looking for one like the black one I posted about eons ago, but the cooking store I haunt no longer carries them; more's the pity, too, as it is the most useful tool in my kitchen.

They have lots of other options, however, so I went for these two. The spatula has a flexible, heat resistant blade that looks like it will be easy to slip under anything in the pan. The other one I purchased because it performs five separate functions and will take up less space in the drawer than five separate tools would. I'd have bought another of the five-function whiz if they had had two, but I snagged the last one for the EE and my honorable side stubbornly insists that I give it to her even when my less noble side is whispering, "She'll never know the difference."

So, this is why I'm writing about it now; keeps me honest.



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