Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coffee Klatch

My friend Maria retired a couple of months ago, and turned me over to another hairdresser to tend my graying tresses. However, she promised me faithfully that we could go on meeting every now and then and we would never lose touch. If she hadn't agreed to that, I couldn't have let her retire. Period.

Over the 10+ years that we've known each other, she has become a dear friend. So, we met at our local Starbucks for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat this week. We chatted back and forth, sharing news of our families and ourselves, comparing notes on the joys and challenges involved in retiring. We are both glad we retired, although the adjustments to retirement are significant. The time with her flew by in a flurry of "No, really?" and "That's great!" and "OMG, no kidding??"

There are scientific studies that show that woman-to-woman friendships are positive for one's health. I'd agree with that, as I always come away from a chat with Maria feeling good. She has that gift. She is good for my health but, even more, she is good for my heart. I'm glad she's enjoying her retirement but I'm also glad she enjoys our coffee klatch as much as I do.


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