Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hot Chocolate Swoon

After I wrote about the chocolat chaud we had in Paris, Michelle left a thoughtful zinger in the comments section of that post with a simple recipe for hot chocolate. This morning, having completed my morning walk, I was feeling a little bit chilled and the recipe came to mind.


I had some Callebaut left over in the pantry, plus the cayenne and milk that were the only other ingredients so I slivered the chocolate, heated the milk and cayenne and, wow, Swoon City!

It's a little different than the French hot chocolate but perhaps what's missing is the whiff of tobacco from a nearby table? While the French have finally banned smoking indoors at restaurants (hallelujah!), they still allow it in the sidewalk cafes and, strange as it may seem, I rather enjoyed that many people chose to eat and sip outdoors in rainy 50-degree weather rather than give up the pleasure of their cigarettes. Maybe it's the reformed smoker in me.

In any case, this hot chocolate will be my treat whenever the mood strikes me again!

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