Sunday, July 15, 2007

Italian Lunch

For those who have never enjoyed lunch at Caffe Delle Stelle in San Francisco's Hayes Valley, you are missing a treat. My Beloved took me there recently after a full week of packing and moving my office from one building to another. He is a knight in shining armor; they really do still exist!

Parking in Hayes Valley can be a challenge even at midday, so when MB scored a free parking space we knew we were living a charmed life.

One of the lovely things about Delle Stelle is that instead of plain water, they bring you a pitcher of fizzy mineral water with a floating slice of orange. It's refreshing, different, and free, so even though lunch is on the pricey side, there is no need to order an extra beverage. I wore blue jeans and a tshirt for the moving exercise, so I felt a little bit sheepish seated in Delle Stelle's dining room with white table cloths but my embarrassment disappeared when lunch arrived.

I ordered the cappellini with fresh tomatoes, garlic and some green sprinks of fresh herbs on top. Every twirly bite was garlicky delicious and Delle Stelle is one of those places that understands that cappellini is best served with a big spoon to help with the twirling, bless their hearts!

Of course, one can't continue packing and moving after a lunch like that. Only a nap will do!


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