Monday, July 9, 2007

Cantaloupe Granita

As a child, when I wanted something really, really badly, my mother said I had a case of the "gimmes." I've been reading so much about ice cream and sorbet on my favorite food blogs and magazines that I got the "gimmes" for an ice cream maker of my own. I could imagine myself gleefully tasting fruit combos and finally getting a coffee-enough coffee ice cream.

Oh, the possibilities!

On the other hand, said my practical side, how often would you really use it when there's lots of great ice cream to be purchased here in the Bay area and people who know a whole lot more about making it than you do? Hmmm...good point!

So, I decided to make granita instead.

A quick check through showed me more recipes than I ever need, and the Cantaloupe Granita sounded wonderful. Bonus, I already had a cantaloupe on my counter perfuming the air.

Here's the result. It tastes like the essence of cantaloupe, only colder and crunchier. It works as a palate cleanser between courses or as a light dessert. Either way, it's a celebration of summer and so easy to make that I didn't need any equipment more sophisticated than a blender, a glass pie plate (although epicurious recommends metal) and a fork.

Good solution for the "gimmes." And Mom's demitasse cups make a container for it!


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