Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Better Late

Quite some little time ago, now, I was tagged by The Hungry Dog's author in a meme. I promised her I would write it up soon but, what with one thing and another, only just found time to do it today while I'm homebound recuperating from a nasty case of bronchitis. Keep in mind that my answers may be colored by the fact that I haven't had a good night's rest in two weeks or so. Ugh. 

Still, onward!

1. Who or what has had the greatest impact on your life?

I'd have to say that a notion of romance has shaped my whole life. The good choices and the bad that I have made have all revolved around love and romance. I'm not sure if this idea came from popular culture or was inborn (I'm a Friday's Child), but I have always looked for love. Happily, mostly in all the right places, although there have definitely been a few slip-ups.

2. What is your favorite thing to cook?

This changes frequently with me. I got through stages where I cook the same thing a lot, then not again for many years. Currently, I get a kick out of making Jamie Oliver's deconstructed Caesar salad.

3. Where do you hope to travel next?

Hawaii. Always Hawaii. But, if I was going further afield, I'd like to explore Quebec and the Atlantic provinces of Canada. I've always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island ever since I read "Anne of Green Gables," and it would be fun to return to Newfoundland - haven't been there since I lived in Argentia in the late 1950s.  Also, unlike most of my friends, I have never been to Italy. That just seems wrong.

4. What is your dream job?

I had it, already. College career counselor. I loved that every appointment was different, that every student needed just a little support/guidance/cheerleading and then they were off and flying. The students were full of potential and smarts, the academic life appeals to me with its quirky people and relatively relaxed schedule, and I enjoyed the yin-yang of progressive thought with conservative traditions. 

5. Favorite book?

Wow, I could never choose just one. Everything that Barbara Kingsolver has written. Everything that Michael Pollen has written. Romance novels. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood for truly frightening possibilities. The Way by Lao Tzu. Now We Are Six by A.A.Milne. Everything that Robertson Davies has written.

I'll do the next five tomorrow. Time to go take some more meds and a big nap.


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