Wednesday, May 29, 2013

North American Breakfast

The other morning, as My Beloved and I were lazing in bed and Cora had not yet begun lobbying to go out, we hatched the idea of having breakfast burritos. Now, I'm not much of a breakfast person, whereas My Beloved has to eat more or less immediately upon arising. But, he likes the way I cook, so sometimes he's willing to have a yogurt while he waits for my stomach to catch up with his. Such was the case this week.

When I got rolling, I decided to honor my country as well as our excellent North American neighbors at breakfast.  What could be more "American" than ham and eggs?  Except that the ham was Canadian bacon, regular bacon's healthier, leaner cousin. And I was serving it on a whole wheat tortilla laced with "Mexican" cheese, cilantro, and hot sauce. Roll that up and you've got an international feast.

Seriously, we owe so much to our neighbors - and not just culinarily. Oh, we hear about how Canada wants to send us their filthy tar sands oil and how Mexico wants to encourage our drug addiction, but most of the things about our neighbors are positive and should be celebrated. And, let's face it, they are only feeding us the stuff we want and are willing to pay high prices for. Sadly, that, too, is the American way.

Canada has always been a staunch ally, and has sent us such talents as Rich Little, Anne Murray, The Stampeders, Paul Anka, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic and, of course, Chris Hadfield, to name just a very few. They are also showing us that socialized medicine can work, and that it's a good thing to be polite and law-abiding. According to, in 2009 there were 173 Canadian deaths by gun violence. In the same year in the US, 11,493 people were killed by guns.  We could take a few lessons from our gentler neighbors to the north.

Mexico has some of the most glamorous getaway places on earth and a rich art and food culture that we benefit from. Think Frida Kahlo and enchiladas.  Think Diego Rivera and tortilla soup. And, if we imagine that we can harvest our crops or run our restaurants without our "guest workers" from the south, we should think again.  And so very much more! It's time our worthless Congress got busy and figured out a way to welcome them, and never, ever to separate a family again.

Sheesh, pretty heavy stuff for breakfast!  International politics is enough to spoil one's appetite.  So, instead, let's thank our neighbors for their many contributions to our own culture. We are blessed by their diversity.


Blogger nancy namaste said...

Hola Zoomie- well said chica!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013  
Blogger Toons said...

Throw n some Russian dressing and baby Bok-Choy and then what would you have? Nicely written Zoomie, Cheers!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013  
Blogger Diane said...

Our family loves breakfast burritos. And I like very much what you wrote about our good neighbors on both borders.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013  
Blogger Greg said...

Burritos with a side of politics. Full tummy and full brain.:)

Thursday, May 30, 2013  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Nancy, hola! Thank you.

Toons, hard to imagine that combination, but let's try it next time!

Diane, thanks. I have always loved Canada and thought once or twice of moving there, when the political situation here was so bad. I have yet to explore Mexico, but I love what I know about them, too.

Greg, ha! Good one!

Thursday, May 30, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Friday, May 31, 2013  
Anonymous rs gold said...

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Friday, May 31, 2013  

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