Monday, May 13, 2013

¡Viva Pescado!

Ever since our doctor gently suggested that adding more fish to our diets would be beneficial, we've been looking for ways to get more of it onto our plates and into our bodies. Having been raised Catholic in the days when I was commanded from on high to eat fish on Fridays, whether I was in the mood for fish or not, and being the rebellious sort that I am, I have often ignored that dictum in favor of almost anything else.

Oh, I like fish well enough - and some of it, I actively love. I just don't like being told what to do. Luckily, our doctor has a much nicer way of suggesting improvements than the priests did - he doesn't command, he cajoles.

So, last Sunday as we were enjoying a stroll through the Kensington Farmer's Market, I not only stopped at the charcuterie stand, I also halted in front of the fresh fish display. On the fence between cod and petrale sole, I opted for the cod to save a few bucks. Later, we discovered why the sole is more expensive - the cod has lots of bones. It was wonderfully fresh, however - it had literally no scent when I opened the bag to slide it into a few tablespoons of simmering water.

I was eager to try an idea I had last week to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Guacamole on fish.  Sounds a little weird, doesn't it?  I don't know why it sounded so good in my head, but it did.  So, I diced an avocado, halved some tiny, colorful tomatoes, pressed a clove of garlic, chopped a couple of green onions, minced some cilantro, squeezed half each of a lemon and a lime, and splashed around some Cholula hot sauce and a pinch of salt. I didn't squash it all as I would have for guacamole, just mixed it all gently in a little bowl and spooned it over the poached cod.

I will admit to some trepidation with the first taste. But, we were delightfully surprised by the lemony, fresh topping. I usually don't care for tomato with fish, but the fresh, tangy little tomatoes added a lot to the dish. The buttery avocado calmed the hot sauce so we tasted just a little tingle at the end of each bite. My Beloved finished his portion and the part of mine that I couldn't finish, and allowed as how he'd be happy to have that again soon.

We enjoyed it on Cinco de Mayo, but you don't have to wait another whole year. Viva!


Blogger katiez said...

I remember waiting until after midnight on Friday night so I could have a hamburger LOL I like tomatoes with fish - that looks delicious. If only I could convince the hubs....

Monday, May 13, 2013  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Katiez, wow, you were faithful. I just broke the rules.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013  

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