Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sweet Toasties

Molly Wizenberg and My Beloved's daughters are cousins. Their grandmother on their mother's side passed away about three weeks ago. It was very sad - and I can only imagine how much they will miss her at all subsequent family events - but Nanny, as they called her, was ready and the rest of the family hated to see her decline. I had met her at several shared family graduations and holidays and once enjoyed making lunch for her here at our house.

We were in Connecticut helping to sort out My Beloved's mother's house when we learned that Nanny had gone to heaven; we couldn't break off to attend the memorial service in Oklahoma, something I know My Beloved would have wished to do. So, when I read on Orangette that Molly had made these cinnamon toasts from a recipe found in Nanny's recipe box, I decided to make them as a little tribute, and to toast Nanny with a cup of tea.

She was a lovely little pigeon of a lady with short gray curls and dimpled knees, rather like Aunt Bee, who to my eye always epitomized "grandmother." She doted on her grandchildren and her love was returned in full measure. She had one of those tinkling laughs that always bring a smile and just a wisp of a Southern accent from having lived in Baltimore all of her married life. She clapped her hands delightedly like a child when she saw things that tickled her, leaning back and lifting her chin to let
out the music of her giggles.

My Beloved and I sat down with these little cinnamon toasts and talked about Nanny, sifting through our memories with the toasts sweet on our tongues.



Anonymous jananvan said...

Oh yes. Very fond memories of Elaine!!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

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