Monday, August 31, 2009

Currying Flavor

This has been a weird summer. While our blogging pals just across the bay have been complaining of too-hot days, we have had an unusually cool summer over here, only about 10 miles distant. Still, there are compensations for the lack of warm weather - such as lamb curry. If this were high summer, such a warm dish would be unwelcome. In our cool summer, it was awesome.

I made the sauce by browning my lamb chunks in olive oil, sautéeing a chopped onion in the same pan, then adding the goozle left over from the pork roast I cooked in the crock pot 'way back in June and subsequently froze. When it had cooked down even further, I added the curry flavoring. We always enjoy all the toppings one puts on curry, so I chopped green and white onion, bacon bits, peanuts, raisins, hard-cooked eggs and chutney to add salty, sweet and savory flavors at the table.

The resulting curry was milder than my usual in terms of curry flavor and spiciness but far, far richer in taste. The pork goozle gave the dish some serious "bottom" on which to layer all those other textures and flavors, a dark richness that's hard to describe and hard to stop eating, too. I'm going to have to make more goozle - clearly it is the secret ingredient to add richness to just about any dish when you are currying flavor.

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