Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Smoked Michigan

In true Fourth of July fashion, we were invited to a barbecue - this time, in an exceptional show of Up North hospitality, by two people who had never met us before, friends of our Michigan hosts.

The couple live on lovely Manistee Lake in northern Michigan. The lady of the house welcomed us warmly, introduced us to the collection of family and friends, and showed us an incredible spread of nibbles, salads and desserts. The husband, pictured here with his contribution to a memorable meal, is a great guy and a marvelous cook of meaty ribs and, best of all, smoked brisket.

He proudly gave me a tour of his smoker when I drooled over his handiwork and generously shared his recipe for moist, deeply smoky brisket.

He bakes the brisket in a slow oven in, of all things, classic Coke or Pepsi for several hours before putting the whole pan into his smoker with charcoal under the pan and apple wood in the smoker which, in his barbecue, is attached off to one side. The cola simmers and evaporates and turns into a sweet, syrupy consistency which keeps the meat moist. Then the charcoal and applewood have their turn and, after a couple of more hours, the result is truly out of this world. He trims the excess fat as he carves the now-tender meat and the guests stand around snatching bits off the brisket before he can even get it on the plates.

Smokin' Michigan hospitality at its best!

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Blogger Zoomie said...

Where's Dr. Biggles when you need him?

Sunday, July 13, 2008  
Anonymous Melanie said...

That was a crispy brisket and it will be hard to chopped by and ordinary knife.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

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