Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drunk Chicken

Having half of a Marin Sun Farms chicken in the freezer is inspirational - I can spend the whole day while it is thawing thinking about what I might do with it.

This time, I remembered an old, old recipe that I came up with 'way back when God was a child. Drunk Chicken. It's easy and quick and always good although the "recipe" varies a bit.

I cut up the chicken in serving size pieces, brown it thoroughly in a pan, then add slivered onions, mushrooms, a can of squished tomatoes (if they don't come squished, I squish them with my hands) and the juice from the can, whatever herbs I'm in the mood for, usually thyme, a bay leaf and wine of any kind. This night, I added the last cup of a nice but unremarkable red wine we had tried for dinner a few nights before.

While all that stews together for about 20 minutes, I cook pasta or rice and prepare the veg. It all goes together in about half an hour and it always goes down easily, especially if you serve the rest of the wine alongside.


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