Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Souffle' of a Book

Being a confirmed food lover, I can't resist buying anything I see from Peter Mayle. He is a British guy living in France and, like me, he's in love with food and with les francais. His first book, A Year in Provence, was so popular that it brought hoards of tourists to Provence before they all discovered Tuscany by reading Under the Tuscan Sun, whereupon they all upped stakes and moved south.

I read this offering on my commute this week, a frothy, fun book, wonderfully written with that dry British humor (they seem to either favor the dry kind or broad and rather coarse slapstick) that always makes me laugh. It's an easy read and filled with all kinds of esoteric stuff about France, its food (including some pretty far out edibles!) and its people.

Treat yourself to this one - tres amusant!


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