Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Places

One of the best things about My Beloved is that he is always up for trying something new. He's game for just about anything, even breakfast out. I say "even" because he usually heads directly for the kitchen upon arising and makes himself breakfast even before he gets dressed. For me, who doesn't get hungry until around 10am, that seems like a serious excess of energy for so early in the day.

So, by the time my appetite awakens, he's full of breakfast and not yet thinking of lunch, so we usually stay home and I rummage around in the fridge for my own brunch. 

But, every now and then, I'm ready early and he's up for something new, so we go out to breakfast. This time, he was eager to introduce me to the Lighthouse Cafe in Corte Madera, a place our son-in-law recommends for Huevos Rancheros and My Beloved has enjoyed for a burger at lunch time. 

We got a kick out of the black and white checked theme of the restaurant, inspired, we think by the tiles outside and carried through inside. It gives a homey feel to the place with a little a hint of sophistication.

I ordered scrambled eggs with home fries and chicken apple sausage; you'd be amazed at how differently each place makes this standard dish. At the Lighthouse, they use peppers with the onion in the home fries, put a serious sear on the sausage, and make moist, fluffy scrambled eggs. A little wedge of orange is a nice touch on the edge of the plate, and the portion was so generous that I was unable to finish it all.

My Beloved was more adventuresome than I - he ordered the San Francisco Benedict - two poached eggs on English muffins with a thick bed of Dungeness crab/lobster and a topping of bright Hollandaise sauce. It came with hash browns, too, and a side of fresh fruit.

Now I know why our s-i-l recommends this place. The wait staff is friendly and prompt with the coffee pot, the atmosphere is homey and welcoming, and the food is quite good. We'll happily add this new place to our list of favorites.


Blogger Katie Zeller said...

It's been years since we went out for breakfast..... I miss that. Just not an option here. Even in Paris it's just coffee and croissants. I refuse to go to McDonald.s LOL

Thursday, October 30, 2014  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Katie, we found that to be true when we were in France, too. Breakfast like that is fine for me, but My Beloved likes more substantial fare.

Friday, October 31, 2014  

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