Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fourth Hawaii Story

In Kailua, over the mountains from Honolulu, there is a wonderful little store on the beach called the Kalapawai Market. They sell sandwiches, coffee, wine, snacks, and souvenirs in that little place - and it does a land office business seven days a week. My Beloved and I buy a cup of coffee there every morning before our walk on the beach, so we can walk along with our ankles in the warm water and fragrant coffee in our cups.

Last time I was there, there was a cranky tourist, clearly from New York City by his accent and his attitude, who was very rudely questioning the change he had received from one of the friendly checkers. His voice was loud and angry, and his tone was disdainful of the young man behind the counter. He demanded more money back.

The young man calmly pointed out the mistake the customer had made in addition and then, with a broad grin, quipped "But, hey, nice try, bruddah."  His quip and his smile diffused the tension immediately and everyone in line chuckled a little. The rude man left, a little sheepish but relaxed and smiling.

Only in Hawaii?  I have never witnessed that anywhere else.  Have you?


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