Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peace And Pumpkin Seeds

We're back!

We were lucky to have the loan of a dreamy little house at the end of a dock in Inverness, west Marin county, for the weekend. We had a fine time lazing around, taking pictures of the changing light and bayscape of Tomales Bay, puzzling over the many kinds of waterbirds that use the tidal shallows and mudflats, driving out to Limantour Beach for a romp with Cora, and poking through the shops in Inverness Park. We slept like babies, ate like lions, and generally peaced out.  Yeah, baby.

You probably just want to hear about the food. Well, we each had a sandwich from the newly refurbished Perry's Deli in Inverness Park. My Beloved had sliced tri-tip with bacon and onions, which he said was swoon worthy.  I had pulled pork with Sartain's sauce, which definitely hit all the high spots. Chunks of tender pork, sauce that was gently sweet and just a little lip-tinglingly spicy, not enough to make you wish for water, just enough to get your attention. Both were downright delish.

On the way home, we stopped in San Anselmo for lunch at L'Appart Resto, in a spot that has had at least three iterations in the past 15 years. The very friendly French waiter greeted us and seated us under a bright red umbrella - spring is springing, folks, and already it's too warm to sit in the sun. In short order, they brought cold tap water in a tall bottle for us to share and still-warm sourdough baguette slices with unsalted butter to slather while we perused the menu.  My Beloved wanted the tombo tuna Salade Ni├žoise but I was in the mood for veggies so I chose their celery root and ginger soup (oh, yes!) and roasted Brussels sprouts with a side of fries for us to share. 

The soup was really good - no cream, but it was wonderfully creamy and silky, and drizzled with a little flavored oil. I'm going to try making that at home - it was similar to a warm Vichyssoise with a little unexpected twist. The waiter brought two spoons with my soup, so My Beloved helped me to finish the bowl; he approves, too.

Although the soup was sensational and the fries were nicely crisp, the highlight of the meal for me was the roasted Brussels sprouts. As you may remember, I'm a sprout lover and have tried them almost everywhere I've seen them on the menu. I'd love to know how they made these. The chef had separated the leaves, so it was more like a warm salad than a side dish, and sprinkled it with toasted pumpkin seeds for a happy little crunch. The leaves were still brightly green and seemed slicked with a little richness, but the juices in the bottom of the bowl were not at all oily, so that remains a mystery. The pumpkin seeds played into the nuttiness of the greens - overall, it was inspired!

Now, we're back with a big string bag of oysters from the Drake's Bay Oyster Company on ice and plans for a backyard barbecue to round out the weekend. Are we lucky, or what?


Blogger Greg said...

I could not think of a more magnificent weekend! I hope Drake's bay dodges the bullet of the Fed closing them. We love that area. When the kids were little we would spend a day at Heart's Desire Beach.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Greg, we had a splendid time! I have to admit, I could see no harm that Drake's Bay was doing. There are other oyster farms on the estero, so why not this one? l have to look for Heart's Desire beach next time we go.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013  

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