Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lamb And Rice

Every now and then, I give Cora a raw bone from the butcher. She loves them and works diligently at cleaning out the marrow and gnawing off every single scrap, which helps to keep her teeth cleaned and her mind busy.

There is a down side to this practice; if I don't remember to take the bone away after an hour or so, it's rich enough to give her a case of the collywobbles. For a day after the bone, she will need to go -ahem!- to Poop Heaven frequently. Enough said.

Whenever she has tummy troubles, inevitably the vet recommends "Lamb and Rice." I'm not sure what's magical about that combination, but he swears by it and so far he has always been correct. There's even at least one manufactured dog food now that is labeled "lamb and rice." I guess the word has gotten around.

All this as prelude. I'm not sure how appetizing it is to talk about collywobbles in a food blog; I just wanted to show you that we practice what we preach. To wit, last Sunday's dinner.

The lamb chops are from a new vendor at the Kensington farmer's market, a young family bouncing a baby in the booth. I have forgotten the name of their business and it's not on the vendor list as yet, but if you stop by you can't miss the beautiful baby - s/he is plump and round and rosy. They sell grass-fed beef and lamb. I have to reluctantly admit that I found their beef to be relatively tasteless but, oh, baby! the lamb is really lovely.

The rice is good old Basmati, my favorite for its nutty taste and wonderful scent. And the asparagus - well, at this time of year, they simply can't be beaten for simple, deep-down deliciousness, especially paired with Lamb and Rice.


Anonymous Katie said...

I've always given my dogs rice when they have tummy problems... but lamb? I think not... that goes to the humans - with rice and asparagus! They do get the lamb 'scraps'.

Thursday, May 03, 2012  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Katie, I have to admit I go heavy on the rice and light on the lamb... :-)

Thursday, May 03, 2012  

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