Saturday, March 24, 2012

Café Composition

Since I retired, I don't get into San Francisco as often as I once did. I will go in for museum trips and such, but mostly I'm content in my little suburban world. But, every now and then, I have an errand that demands a trip to the big city and, when that happens, I like to treat myself to a taste of city sophistication.

There are sights to see in the city that I would never see in the 'burbs, things that delight me even though they are not my style. One such this past trip was a wonderful pair of rain boots on a young woman, the exact green color and material of Wellington boots, but with high heels and some rather stylish and sexy white crisscross lacing up the backs. Sort of like these, only the lacing was up the back, the boots were knee-high and they were more graceful than these. I'm not sure why they tickled me so much but when I complimented the wearer, she assured me I was the eighth or so person to remark upon them that day.

Another thing I like about city visits is the chance to stop in to the Café de la Presse for lunch. My errand completed and it being just 11:30am, I popped in and found a table right away. I like the pseudo-French atmosphere and the prompt service. I had a scrumptious lobster salad that was too expensive and worth every dime, and treated myself to a café au lait for dessert while I read my latest book, a detailed and sometimes hilarious account of John Wesley Powell's expedition to explore the Grand Canyon, Beyond the Hundredth Meridian, by Wallace Stegner. In a couple of places, I chuckled out loud while reading, making the woman at the next table look curiously over from her Kindle.

I drove home with a stomach full of lobster salad and a head full of Stegner's clever writing, having had a marvelous time. Each time this happens, I remind myself that I should do it more often. Next time, I hope I will listen.


Blogger namastenancy said...

If you remember and have time, let me know the next time you are in the city. "Us" sophisticated city types would love to have coffee/lunch or just a walk about with you more suburban types.

Saturday, March 24, 2012  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Nancy, next time, I will. We were on a deadline this time as we were headed to Phoenix for a family wedding and had too many other things to accomplish.

Monday, March 26, 2012  
Blogger Hungry Dog said...

This sounds like a fabulous lunch. I LOVE Cafe de la Presse. I usually get their pan pagna, the tuna thing. Love it.

Saturday, April 07, 2012  

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