Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Handy Giftie

Cousin J-Yah is one of those talented folks who is clever about finding the perfect gift. For example, on my last birthday, she somehow found kitchen towels with an embroidered dog that, while cartooned, looks much like my Cora. There were other treats, too, and each had the charm of being perfect for me.

Here's another example, a small glass bowl with hearts painted in several bright colors around the outside. Since my birthday falls on Valentine's Day and I love bright colors, I was delighted but I didn't fully appreciate it until I made some tuna salad in the bowl and was able to simply snap on the plastic cover to keep the rest of it fresh for another meal. I'm loving this little bowl that raises the mundane task of keeping food fresh to a prettier level. You can keep your Tupperware and your Ziploc bags - I've got the perfect gift from Cousin J-Yah.


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