Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Celebration Lunch

My Beloved knows how to celebrate life. He flew to Boston to celebrate his first granddaughter's welcoming into the community of her church, we had a wonderful dinner at Moose's to commemorate his latest business success, and we celebrated his homecoming from Boston with a terrific lunch at the Hayes Street Grill in Hayes Valley - all in the past week!

Stepping off the plane from Boston, MB made a few business calls in the morning before picking me up from work for a late lunch. We arrived just as the Hayes Street Grill was closing down their lunch service but we were not turned away or greeted with cold tolerance, rather we were warmly welcomed, ushered with a flourish to a wonderful table and presented with a menu guaranteed to make choosing a difficult exercise.

We finally decided on hamburger with homemade bun for MB and housemade boudin blancs for me. The hamburger was done to a turn, according to MB, and the bun was more than a way to keep one's fingers clean, a fresh and flavorful wrapping for the burger and cheese.

My serving of boudin blanc was simply scrumptious, moist and full of taste while not being at all greasy or fatty. The sausages yielded to my knife with a little "pop" and a flow of scented juice. The little salad was nicely dressed and the pot of mustard was one of the nicest I've tasted, a tangy and flavorful Dijon-style but with a rich mellowness that complemented rather than overwhelmed the mild sausages.

It's easy to celebrate life and lunch with a guy who knows how to make it all such fun.


Blogger Dagny said...

Definitely a yummy place. I also like Absinthe, Moishe's, and Suppenkuche in that neighborhood. (A friend once joked that my points of reference for directions are always restaurants and bars.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Dagny, I'll get to each of your recommendations in time - you've lived here longer than I! And, your mental map of your world is something I note in all true Bay area natives! :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007  

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