Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet West Oakland Sammy

Oops! I forgot my camera, so had to make do with my cell phone camera. Sorry about that!

Along with my side of cheesy grits, I ordered an egg sandwich at the Brown Sugar Kitchen this week. Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon on a soft wheat roll with a side of home fries. The home fries were quite peppery, a really nice change from the usual. The sandwich, as you can see, was gargantuan. Next time, we'll surely split it.

This is so far above an Egg McMuffin that you can hardly believe they exist in the same universe. The eggs were softly, carefully scrambled. The bacon was crisp and rich. The cheese was melted and runny even though the eggs weren't overcooked (how do they do that?). The wheat roll was very lightly toasted on the grill and gave way gracefully to the bite.

My Beloved and I were swapping bites all through our respective meals and enjoying it all. I could only eat half of my sandwich and had to forgo the sticky bun we wanted to try - this is a place with generous portions! We will be back to the Brown Sugar Kitchen again, no doubt. Maybe West Oakland really is sweet; the food at BSK certainly is!



Blogger Chilebrown said...

We do not make it down to West Oakland very often. In fact never. You are brave but this sandwich makes it seem worth while.

Friday, September 03, 2010  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Chilebrown, It's not as scary as its reputation would make you think - mostly just sad on a Tuesday morning - and the food was definitely worth the trip.

Saturday, September 04, 2010  

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