Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pig In A Pickle, Barbecue!

Last Wednesday, My Beloved and I wandered across the bridge to Marin county to get the best strawberries on earth from the farmer's market in Corte Madera. Rodriguez Farms, if you are over that way. Killer. Absolutely killer. 

Ooops, I really came here to write about barbecue. We had planned to stop at World Wrapps for our favorite (Samurai Salmon) but as we walked by our noses were tickled by the scent of smoked meats emanating from the door of Pig in a Pickle. Abrupt change of lunch plans.

P in a P is a new restaurant to us, competition for The Best L'il Porkhouse, which also has a branch in Corte Madera. According to the menu, P in a P has won the "Best in Marin" designation for 2015. I'm not familiar with that prize - don't know if it's a popularity contest, or decided from reviews by knowledgeable food folks, but I'm sure P in a P is proud of it.

My Beloved ordered their hot link with a side of jalapeƱo cornbread while I went the whole hog with a plate of dry rubbed baby back ribs and smoked chicken tossed in Alabama White Sauce, and sides of collards, cole slaw, and white cheddar mac and cheese. We decided those would give us plenty to share bites.

I guess I'm not a big fan of collards, but they would have been better if they had drained the water in which they were cooked a bit. I liked the chunks of ham I found in the cup, but the greens were swimming and that seemed to dilute the flavor for me. Plus, they are hard to eat without getting green water down your shirtfront.

My Beloved's hot link truly was HOT!  Perhaps even a little too spicy for us wimps - he didn't finish it. He also wished the bun had been toasted. It's a little thing, but you can tell when every little thing has been considered.

After those rather nitpicking comments, let me say that the rest of the meal was really quite good. The thigh and drumstick of the chicken were downright luscious, the two dry-rubbed ribs were delicious once I added one of the several sauces at the table, the corn bread was tender and sweet, the mac and cheese was some of the best and cheesiest I've eaten without being impossibly heavy, and the cole slaw was the very best I've eaten anywhere, bar none.

I keep thinking about that cole slaw!  It was colorful, with both kinds of cabbage plus carrots, and the sauce was a delightful medium between too much mayo and too much vinegar. It had a creamy feel but a nice kick of pickle, too, that complemented the rich meats very well. Might have liked some celery seed, but that's just my personal preference.

The restaurant has a sort of "country" vibe, as you might expect, with bare, picnic-style tables, serve-yourself flatware and napkins, and music (mercifully, not loud) with a country twang. 

Overall, we'd happily go again when we are over that way looking for the world's best strawberries.


Blogger Katie Zeller said...

How fun to discover a new restaurant.... even if it was less than perfect.
Grilled grapes? (yes, I remember the grape jokes)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Katie, you'd like the grapes! Or you could try using your mirabelles! Great with pork!

Friday, August 14, 2015  

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