Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kneeling Pads

Not perhaps the very best pancakes ever - these were what in my family we call "kneeling pads" and we tend to prefer thin pancakes. Also, they were served with that fake maple goo that passes for syrup these days (except in my house). They were not warm enough to melt the butter and the poor little sausage wasn't even browned, just heated.

But, it really doesn't matter when you're having "Breakfast with Santa" in the company of your grandchildren and they are thrilled to bits. 

Santa's beard didn't fool anyone (they should recruit My Beloved - he has the real thing and it's the correct color, too!) and the grands were a little shy of him in his shiny red suit, but he was good natured and they did whisper their wish list to him. Mia wants a "pocket trumpet," which she carefully explained to me is a trumpet just about "so big" (holding her hands about four inches apart) that fits into your pocket. Hmmm, don't know where to get one of those, do you?

Owen whispered so quietly that we couldn't hear his wish. I hope his parents can wangle it out of him later. 

In the meantime, this is one of those little memories that will give me a smile each time I recall it through the holidays. Kneeling pads notwithstanding.


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