Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meals On Wheels

On the way home from doing errands, I stopped at the local gas station to fill up just before lunchtime. I stuck the nozzle in my car and stood there idly contemplating my lunch options. I thought about staying down in the village for lunch since My Beloved was on the road that day but I neglected to bring anything to read. I remembered that we have some cold cuts in the fridge but I've been cold cutted to death this holiday season so I wasn't in the mood.

There is a food truck parked frequently just outside my gas station. I have eaten from a "roach coach" before but only in Hawaii where they are a feature of beach life. I wondered if this one would be any good. As I was mindlessly tending my gas pump, I started reading the hand-lettered signs on it and was intrigued. "El Agricultor" - The Farmer. That seemed promising. Based in Berkeley, so probably not too risky. The truck seemed clean and well tended - what the heck!

I made my choice - Plato de Carnitas - and approached the window. Big, wide smile inside. Like the Cheshire cat, the rest of the face was invisible in the dark interior. I ordered and the big smile repeated the words in English to make sure I understood. I asked for black beans but, sorry, only pinto beans available. Okay, no problem. To go? Yes, please.

Cora, who joyously rides anywhere in a car, approved immediately of the scents wafting out of the bag. When I got it home, I opened the styro clamshell to reveal a hefty portion of roasted pork, pinto refritos, Spanish rice, tortilla chips, hot rolled corn tortillas in foil and a small salad, all neatly packed into the sectioned plate.

It was good. It was not spectacular but it was solidly good. A workingman's lunch. I'm no longer working, so it was enough for two days, at least. The pork was moist and flavored with grilled onions. I love Spanish rice - consistently appealing. The refritos were okay but perhaps a tad on the gluey side. Never mind, it was a couple of lunches for $7. A bargain, what with that big smile.



Blogger cookiecrumb said...

So nice to have that option. Glad you chose well.
(Did you see my subhead yesterday?!!!)

Saturday, January 01, 2011  
Blogger Zoomie said...

Cookiecrumb, yes, I noted that after posting this. Loved your "truck food."

Saturday, January 01, 2011  

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